Bible Study

Worship Services

Sundays at 10:45AM - 1324 Woodbine Ave. Calera, Al 35040

Have You Ever Noticed How Little Actual Bible Study Seems To Happen In Most Bible Studies?

Well, when we say Bible Study, we mean we study the Bible. On Sunday Evenings in the Spring and Fall, our elders lead a very participatory, verse-by-verse, interactive Bible Study. We are currently studying the book of Genesis. And, if you're thinking that Genesis has nothing to do with your life in 2021, that might be an indication that you've never actually studied Genesis. Really? Well, consider the issues pressing against the Church in our day that we, as Christians, have to deal with: Gender and Sexuality, Secular Feminism, Neo-paganism, the Family, Ethnic  Strife, Critical Race Theory, Relativism and Absolute Truth - and the list could go on and on and on. Where do we find clear, Biblical answers to these issues? You guessed it - Genesis.