Who We Are

Worship Services

Sundays at 10:45AM - 1324 Woodbine Ave. Calera, Al 35040

Cornerstone Church is Evangelical, Reformed, and Presbyterian - in that order of priority 

Being an EVANGELICAL Church means we believe:

In one God, Who created everything and for Whom all things exist. He is eternal, all-sufficient good, wise, powerful, loving, just, and holy.

In the Trinity - one God Who exists eternally in three Persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

That the Bible is Inspired (God-Breathed), Innerrant (Without error as originally given), Infallible (is incapable of leading us astray), and Authoritative (it is not an opinion to consider, but God's Voice to obey). 

That Satan is a real being who long ago rebelled against God. To this day, Satan seeks to thwart God's purposes and to destroy God's people. 

That all people are born in rebellion against God, that all people are guilty of breaking God's Law, and that all people deserve His punishment.

That because of His great love and mercy, God sent His only Son, Jesus , to become fully human, to obey the Law for us, and to die on a cross for us.

That salvation is a completely free gift of God's grace that is received through faith alone when we trust in Jesus Christ alone as our Savior. 

That because of Jesus, God views all believers as truly righteous and they are indeed "sons and daughters of God."

That God commands believers to gather together regularly to fellowship with each other, and worship God together.

That God has commissioned believers to take the Gospel message to the whole world so that others may know what God has done to save them from their sins and to make a way for a Father-child relationship with them.

That Christ will physically and bodily return in triumph, renewing all things so that there is no more death, sorrow, nor weeping.

In the bodily resurrection and eternal conscious punishment of all unrepentant sinners in Hell.

In the bodily resurrection and eternal life of all who trust in Christ Jesus alone. 

Being a REFORMED Church means we believe:

That God desires us to worship him, and that in Scripture He has directed us how to properly worship Him.

That God has always had one, single plan of Redemption, and that plan has always been to save a people for Himself through the work of Jesus Christ.

That the Bible is one, single, unified message that unfolds the plan of salvation in the space and time of human history.

That sinful man is so lost that, left to himself, he would never seek the LORD unless the LORD first seeks him.

That God pursues sinners by His grace and that repentance and faith are gifts of grace given by the Holy Spirit, enabling lost sinners to trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

That the Westminster Standards are a good and accurate summary of the system of doctrine revealed in Scripture.

Being a PRESBYTERIAN Church means we believe:

That the Scriptures teach that churches are to be led by a plurality of elders, and not by democratic majority.

That churches should be connected to one another for accountability in doctrine and practice.

For more information on our denomination, visit the Presbyterian Church in America.