Cornerstone Church in Calera, AL

Cornerstone Church in Columbiana, AL

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. Psalm 118:22
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What We Believe

What Cornerstone Cares About

Mission and Values

Church Leadership

We are an Evangelical, Reformed, and Presbyterian Church.

As an Evangelical Church:

We believe there is one God who created everything and for whom all things exist. He is an eternal, self-sufficient being who is good, wise, powerful, loving, just, and holy.

We believe in the Trinity; that this one God exists eternally as three beings: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

We believe that God provided an accurate and error free record in the Bible of who he is, what he has done, and how we may have a relationship with him.

We believe all people are born sinners. This means we have a natural bent towards rebellion against God, and are guilty of breaking God’s law and deserving of his punishment.

We believe that because of his great love and mercy, God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to become like us, obey the law for us, and die on the cross for us.

We believe that salvation is a gift of grace through faith alone so that when people trust in Jesus Christ as their savior they are viewed by God as righteous because of Jesus, and are considered "sons of God."

We believe that God has called believers to gather together regularly in order to encourage one another, enjoy fellowship, and worship him.

We believe that God has commissioned believers to communicate the gospel message throughout the whole world so that others may know what God has done in order to save them from their sins and to have a new relationship with them.

We believe that Christ will return in triumph, bringing final judgment upon unrepentant sinners, and then renewing all things so that there is no more death, nor sorrow, nor weeping.

As a Reformed Church:

We believe that God desires us to worship him, and has given us guidelines in Scripture for how to properly worship him.

We believe that God has always had a plan for salvation, and that plan was always to save a people for himself through the work of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a unified message that unfolds the plan of salvation.

We believe that God pursue sinners by grace and that faith and repentance are gifts of grace given by God enabling sinners to trust Christ as their savior.

We are a confessional church that believes the Westminster Confession of Faith is the most accurate summary of the Bible’s system of doctrine.

For a more thorough understanding of our beliefs, please see the Westminster Confession of Faith

As a Presbyterian Church:

We believe that the church is led by a plurality of elders.

We believe that churches ought to be connected to one another for accountability in doctrine and practice.

For more information on our denomination, visit the Presbyterian Church in America.

We Care About God
  • We care about who he is (theology)
  • We care about what he has to say (the Bible)
  • We care about how we respond to him (worship)
We Care About People
  • We love them as they are
  • We want to help them have a relationship with God
  • We want to equip them to serve God
We Care About Families
  • We want to help build strong families
  • We want to help restore broken families
  • We want to connect people together of all ages to form a spiritual family
We Care About the World As It Is
  • We want to show mercy where there is need
  • We want to speak truth where there is error
  • We want to redeem what is lost
We Care About the World That Is To Be
  • We want to point to the everlasting hope of God’s plan for creation
  • We want to represent what will be, even before it is
  • We want to support efforts to spread the good news of Christ throughout the whole world
We exist to know and share the love of Christ

To achieve this mission we focus on:

1.) Being Grace Driven:
We believe that we are sinners who have been forgiven and accepted based upon God’s grace given to us in Jesus Christ. This grace covers our past, transforms the goals and motivations of our present, and gives us a hopeful future. It also changes the way we relate to others by making us more welcoming, loving, and forgiving 2 Corinthians 5:14-15.

2.) Being Family Centered:
As God begins to change the hearts of individuals he restores the family relationship. We want to focus on building strong family relationships, partnering with couples to strengthen their marriage, with parents to train their children, and with kids to have healthy and safe relationships with other kids. We also seek to build relationships between families for mutual encouragement, friendship, and learning Malachi 4:6; Deut. 6:6-7.

3.) Being Kingdom Focused:
Our priority is to seek the expansion of God’s kingdom by bringing the gospel in word and deed to those in our community Matthew 28:19-20.

How does this look?

1.) Genuine and welcoming worship

2.) Discipleship groups throughout the week

3.) Strong support of and engagement in missions

If you would like more information about upcoming events or about participating in a small group Bible studies or learning group, please send us a short note by Clicking Here.
Cornerstone Church Pastor

Pastor – Heath Kahlbau

Heath is a native of Fairhope, Alabama. The Lord Jesus Christ called him to salvation on Easter weekend of 1991, while he was a student at Troy University. Heath holds a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri and a Ph.D. in Applied Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. God’s first calling on Heath’s life is as an adopted child of God through the Lord Jesus Christ, secondly to be a husband and father, and thirdly to teach God’s Word to God’s people. Heath and his wife Shawna have been married since 2000 and have one son (Noah) and one daughter (Eleah). If you ask Heath what verse in Scripture describes his calling, he will likely refer you to Ezra 7:10 which says,

"Ezra had determined in his heart to study the Law of the Lord, to obey it, and to teach the LORD’s statutes and ordinances in Israel."

That’s his desire as well. He loves spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, building furniture, and drinking good coffee.


Cornerstone Church Chief Musician

Chief Musician – Michael Bobo

Michael is a native of Shelby County. Growing up in a Christian home he accepted Christ at an early age. From a very young age he always loved music whether listening to it or playing it. All through his childhood he played instruments and sang in choirs, including participating in the praise team at AVPC. In 2013 he was approached by Cornerstone to help lead worship at a new church plant. Michael, his wife Lauralyn and two children Pierce and Walker have been members ever since.


Cornerstone Church Childrens Director

Children's Sunday School Director – Amy Windsor


Nursery Coordinator

Nursery Coordinator – Molly Hindman